The Market Opportunity

Climate disruption and un-natural chemicals are impacting food supplies worldwide. The calendar for planting and harvesting has gone haywire due to climate change, floods, droughts, out-of-sync rains, excessive heat, etc., thus opening the door for innovations in food production systems that support soil health.  


This opportunity also includes using technologies like mega-greenhouse growing, using hydroponics and air-ponics along w/ WiFi connected soil sensors, and selective insect harvesting. IBM, Microsoft and even John Deere has created a furrowing tractor the leaves a level ditch.  More tech oriented solutions for growing foods “Precision Ag!”

Synthetic Fertilizer is a multi-billion dollar industry and is over-due for innovation toward a more sustainable, affordable, and effective solution, a centuries old belief that is due a paradigm shift.


There is a growing demand for organic food and products – Whole Foods, Amazon, Costco, Walmart, Kroger’s, and many other retailers are beginning to subsidize organic growers to help supply meet demand.

There is a growing demand for cannabis products – legalized in 29 states with secondary growth market in CBD branding – Nevada and Colorado for different reasons couldn’t meet demand in July 2017.  California will be completely legal in 2018, expectations are of several billions in tax revenue.


There is a growing pressure to limit impact of chemical fertilizer on the environment in food production with Monsanto taking the lead in showing the deleterious effects of ​chemicals on soil and water supplies

There is no scalable algae plant nutrient and soil amendment solution in the U.S and in other world markets,  so a lack of real competition in a wide-open market at this time.