Our tried and true for 6+ years soil restorer and Nitrogen fixing supplement. It not only helps remediate Nitrates and Nitrites, but also adds humus, holds moisture better thus reducing water use, and is very inexpensive compared to other soil amendments.


SupraAlgae's “Standard Soil Amendment” formula, pH-balanced for regenerating soil to supply plants with basic nutrients.  Long term benefits: use on higher-end products (nutraceuticals anyone?); can be used in all types of mediums e.g. flood, pivot, spray, aerial, injection, but Cuidado with Hydroponics – not enough testing yet.  Separate formula now for Hydroponics.  Tried and proven for 8 years. 

SupraSoil - 300 Gallon Carbouy

  • The primary basic soil amendment that starts the path to restoration of healthy “living” soil.  Enhanced micro-nutrients and a pH balance, delivers algae cells to create water storage and humis.