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SupraAlgae was developed, in cooperation with universities and major laboratories and various local farmers to be compatible with recognized organic gardening and production techniques.

Algae is the oldest and fastest growing organism on this planet. It is the essence of life and works symbolically with terrestrial plants. It’s effect on the soil combined with bacteria and fungi substantially increases the amount of nutrients available to the root system allowing improved feeding. It does this at a lower cost and while out performing both petrochemical and organic fertilizers and produces healthy nutrient rich soil which results in healthier plants, healthier soil, cleaner water and higher profits.

SupraAlgae Products Contain;
NO Pesticides • NO Herbicides • NO Toxins • NO GMO's

SupraAlgae Multifunction Plant Nutrient & Soil Amendment is an organic mixture that consists of live fresh water algae along with specific microbial supplements added which are designed to regenerate depleted soils and maintain existing healthy organic soils .

SupraAlgae comes to you as a concentrated liquid. However, when you add chemically freewater, it is revitalized and begins to grow again.

Once applied to the soil, it penetrates and continues to multiply for a period of time. The algae decompresses the soil strata and helps to create aggregates which trap water and promote microbial growth which is essential for healthy soil. The longer SupraAlgae is used the deeper It penetrates and remains in the soil. So the more you use SupraAlgae, the less you need over time unlike synthetic and other fertilizers.  

Just like rooted plants, algae are photosynthetic and because they have no roots to dissimulate the carbon, therefore, they are forced to store large amounts of carbon within themselves. As they mature and decompose the carbon is released into the soil which becomes bio-available to the soil and to the plant. Making it easier for the plant to get the nutrients it needs to grow and thrive as nature intended.

The SupraAlgae is grown with an organic nutrient which is very high in nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. This means that the organic matter that decomposes also makes available those nutrients to the soil plant cycle.

SupraAlgae Multifunction Plant Nutrient &Soil Amendment is safely applied multiple times from clone to harvest.