A Few Cautionary Notices

Below is some guiding principles for use.  After diluting 1:10+, apply regularly over a 3-week period/per test plant.  i.e. 1-10gals - add the 10 gals over and over for ca 3 weeks.   We have new formulations "SupraSoil Bloom" for the nursery (transplanting and new growth) and "SupraSoil Grow"  for mid to later in harvest cycle.  Bio-mass is increased 20%+

Though not yet certified "organic"  the product you have-in-hand is organic as are all our products.  


Potential Risks are primarily derived from the customer not diluting his shipments even though the shipping label clearly state “Caution”  dilute 10-15 times before applying to plants. Our products are liquid concentrates. Our SDS labels render our products “NO Risk” and contain no dangerous chemicals.  There are other live fertilizer producers but pose no/very little threat.   

No mixing required, when diluting by decanting from original container to newer larger (diluted) container  - e.g.  1gal -10gals+ Optimum temp (while growing ) 68-72F, Product doesn't die, just stops growing.  Unless exposed to cleaning solvents Cl2, H202,  C0


As a result of the cumulative effect of runoff; “Endocrine Inhibitors” (EI) are formed by minute concentrations of those chemicals in combination, along w/ plasticizers and non-biodegradable pharmaceuticals.  The primary outcome of the EI’s is anomalies of the reproductive process.  First discovered by Dr. Helen Caldicott while observing aquatic indicator species.  Hermaphrodites, loss of bilateral symmetry, lower sperm counts, lack of any reproductive ability; she studied these results and came up with theory of EI.   Later proven correct.

Synthetic fertilizers are not all bad, but the applications and concentrations do cause soil depletion, and crops lacking the standard amount of nutrition. 

We hope you will join us in this endeavor, and we in turn pledge to generate benefits to the people and communities in which we operate, and to return very substantial profits to you to enable you to fund even more socially, agriculturally sensitive, constructive projects, both inside America’s borders and out.