Meet the Founder af Supra Algae

“And he gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn or two blades of grass to grow upon a spot of ground where only one grew before, would deserve better of mankind, and do more essential service to his country than a race of politicians put together”  Jonathan Swift

JON DOUGAL - Founder & COO

A “sustainability strategist” and “ecological alarmist” John is an early adapter with 40+ years of projects focused on the future well-being of our planet. One major project creation, “Smart Streets Worldwide Systems,” forms the most advanced communications backbone for cities to enable municipal resource conservation. His design of bamboo building products to replace the traditional wood fiber used in most was 10 years ahead of conventional adoption.


He markets “fuel-less” electrical generating power plants in Africa, South Korea, Vietnam, and the Middle East. He outlined a city of the future with sub-surface farming 30 years ago. Founder, Editor, and Publisher of several newsletters focused on sustainability, these education-oriented publications reached 300,000 subscribers in 21 countries. Dedicated to building "Green" natural products, and sustainable living,” these eNewsLetters covered all emerging topics, technologies, processes, and techniques needed by both professionals, government officials, agriculturalists, biofuel producers, and homeowners alike in addressing sustainability & climate change. Just a few of the noteworthy accomplishments of Supra Algae's great leader are below:

• Partially responsible for passage of AB32 (California anti-global warming act) 2006 through outreach efforts with New Voice of Business      
   leveraging his newsletters email  addresses. AB32, and subsequent SB375, set up a base for future economic growth for California.

• Founder & Chairman Inland Empire Solar Energy Council representing integrator contractors

• Co-author of the San Francisco Master Green Plan for future generations; member, Hazardous

• Materials,  Economy & Development, & Risk Management committees, 1997.

• Specifier and Project manager of the 1 st U.S. LEED Platinum residence, registered and awarded

• in 2008, a model for other residential LEED filings.

• Original member of International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 West Coast Working Group–Technical Advisory Committee, supported by    Silicon Valley manufacturers with ISO 9001 experience.

• Developed, edited and improved standards for product labeling, regular improvement, and environmental impact under ISO 14001.

• Created the Green Building Products Showcase, co-sponsored by the AIA Committee on the Environment,

  Pacific Gas & Electric, Urban Ecology Institute, and Architects, Designers, & Planners for Social Responsibility. It became the foundation of the
  West Coast Green Conference, the first and largest residentially focused expo and homed in San Francisco for several years.

• Original member of the Clinton Committee on the Environment, 1997

  1. Founder of the USGBC Central Valley/Coast Chapter, now a major chapter in Central California, as well as an instructor in the UC Merced green construction and LEED certification programs in 2004.

  2. Former member of the Board of Advisors for the USGBC Inland Empire Chapter, using experience from helping launch the USGBC San Francisco chapter and helping it expand to grow 2 more sub-chapters in 2007.

• Conference host and chair of the first and continuing benchmark conference “Altering Profiles of the Future” for the
   UC System held at UC Santa Barbara 2002

• Instructor of “green construction materials & technology” at the Community Colleges of San Bernardino and Riverside counties and advanced 
   degree students at University of California–Riverside. These classes gave hands on experience in green building to the attendees and made
   them experts in “green materials.”