Purchasing & Delivery

Delivery is direct to the Purchase order address. Shipped in food-grade - 5 gals - sealed buckets, and 300 +/- carbouys, sealed w/ filling spout and discharge spout.  

Charges/deposits are added to invoices for the carbouy containers, and credited for returned packaging of 300 +/- carbouys.

Orders will be labeled, catalogued and shipped from receipt of order & position in the Queue and by cleared check or payment by other means.


SupraSoil “soil conditioner”TM – SupraSoil GrowTM – SupraSoil BloomTM

All shipments are in concentrated form.  Since this product is living & alive it requires life support, which is found in its broth of water and micro nutrients.   Since shipping water is not cost effective, we concentrate the formula.   Which before use “requires 10 to 14:1 dilution ratio. IMPORTANT!!!  Applied regularly over time.  A cannabis or hemp plant requires approximately 3 gals over a harvest period to gain maximum biomass and blooms.



Our products are all “Regenerative Ag Nutrients” supplying added nutrients to sustain maximum croppage.  This product allows the farmer to reduce other inputs.  Micro-algae essentially bursts leaving cellulose (holds water) and nutrients and feeds other essential natural micro-organisms. Reduce use of other nutrients up to 50%, especially those that aren’t specifically targeting your crops.  

#1 – “SupraSoil”Our primary basic soil amendment that starts the path to regeneration to healthy “living” soil.  Enhanced micro-nutrients, phytohormones, cyto-kinase’s,  pH balance, delivered w/ algae cells to create long term water storage and humus.  Dead Algae cells leave cellulose (hygroscopic) to hold moisture. All formulated to guard the plant against disease and predation.  Succeeds in Long term benefits, can be used in all types of mediums e.g. flood, pivot, spray, aerial, injection, hydroponics.

#2 – “SupraSoil Grow” – Using SupraSoil conditioner as a base, SupraSoil Grow – Soilbase Restorer – is cannabis targeted for the early stage of growth.   Applied during the nursery phase, pre-transplant and after transplant – gives the “little Guys” a boost to reach plentiful blooming maturity early. The life-stream of basic plant nutrition initialization to start the further, faster growth of the individual plant or field crop  

#3 – “SupraSoil Bloom” – Applied many times after early maturity to pre-harvest.  Increases stalk strength and biomass.  Typical increase in harvest 20%+ 




Available in 5 Gallon Sealed Buckets


300 Gallon Carbouys