Synthetic fertilizers are not all bad, but the applications and concentrations do cause soil depletion, and crops lacking the standard amount of nutrition. 


We hope you will join us in this endeavor, and we in turn pledge to generate benefits to the people and communities in which we operate, and to return very substantial profits to you to enable you to fund even more socially, agriculturally sensitive, constructive projects, both inside America’s borders and out.



Beneficial to Your Crops, and the

Environment Too!


  • Helping to solve rising food costs
    resulting from climate disruption.

  • Creating awareness that soil is a living,
    breathing natural resource like water & air.

  • Countering the excessive inputs of synthetic fertilizers and the resulting run-off.

  • Supplying our superior custom-blended
    soil restoring nutrients.

For decades humanity has been schooled to believe that there is a “pill” for every ailment.   Similarly, the petrochemical industry has convinced farmers worldwide that there is a chemical for every agricultural issue.  Inferior synthetic fertilizers grow crops were plant nutrition is lacking.  The application of these unnatural chemicals, fertilizers, rodenticides, herbicides and fungicides with the addition of the natural run-off of water seeking a lower elevation has caused worldwide environmental dilemmas.  Dead patches from algal blooms siphon O2 from bodies of water so that nothing can live.  As a result, the danger the world faces is a lack of nutrient rich food.  The Anasazi, Mayans as well as many other civilizations disappeared from a combination of over-used soil and fighting over food that was available from the limited amount of fertile land.  In 2017, the planet will add approximately 80 million people -- growing our world population to over 8.3 billion for the first time.  Consequently, feeding this huge population growth and processing the resulting waste is a greater challenge than it’s ever been before.

About SupraAlgae

Supra Algae Products, INC is a marketing and sales organization.  Organized to address the future development of algal based solutions.  Designed to help scientists to develop and market emerging technologies that can be solutions to conventional thinking as well as existing and emerging worldwide problems.   Creative people, doctors and scientists are not necessarily good business people, SAI was created to fill that void.



Algae is the component that is different than pure fertilizer, because used in tandem with other crop targeted formulas (i.e. SupraSoil 420 Grow and SupraSoil 420 Flower) We not only restore the soil by adding Phytohormones & Cytokinesis​ to enhance mycelium growth

which enables nutrients to reach the plants roots.

Our micro-nutrient rich formulations are manufactured by living organisms - thus bio-fertilizers. 

It is not an algae per se that we deliver,
but a total symbiotic soil nutrient that includes

NPK in various customized deliverable components.